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Do you have any questions about our boutique Glampground, Unique Stays, Amenities, Location or Travel Tips? Are you wanting to bring a pet? (They are only allowed in Reel-it Inn, the Tiny Farmhouse and the Red Woof Inn -- for a fee and with prior approval.) Or do you require certain accommodations for mobility, etc.? Contact us below -- or preferably, call or text 828-421-2282!



 1.  What is GLAMPING anyway?  Glamping is "Glamorous Camping".  Our goal is to provide everything that you need, short of clothes and food.
2.  Are there bugs and other critters?  Of course!  We are still outdoors in the heart of nature.  But you are safe from bears (we haven't seen any here).  If you are in a tent structure, you should keep your food outside of your tent, or put it in your car.
3.  How's the WiFi?  We are in a little gorge within a bigger gorge, so satellite isn't available yet.  Currently all that is available is DSL up in the Lodge area. Email and web-searching is decent, but if you want to bring movies for your laptop, please download them at home before you come.
4.  Do you allow pets?  We love pets, but we only allow pets in Reel-It Inn, the Red Woof Inn, the Tiny Farmhouse and our campground tent-sites.  There is an additional fee.  Please add it in the Retail Section during your online booking, or give us a call.
5.  There's no shower in my unit.  So, where do I shower?  Showers are located less than a minute away at the Lodge.  They are on the lower level, easy to access from your lodging unit. There are Men's and Women's bathrooms with fully private showers, toilets, and changing areas. The rooms are fully heated and  ventilated and with no bugs! Hot water, soaps, hand and hair dryers are provided. (Your towels are in your lodging.)
6.  What if I get hungry?  Lol. We have a small camp store up inside the Lodge. It has snacks, ice cream, packaged and frozen meals, and non-alcoholic beverages for sale (as well as other emergency items.) We use an Honor System method. So you just mark down what you want to purchase on your registration sheet, and then you pay at the end of your stay!
7.  What's the story on Alcoholic Beverages?  We're glad you asked.  You may bring your own, or purchase them in Bryson City or at Nantahala Outdoor Center (just 2 miles away).  The National Forest Service only licenses full Resorts to sell such beverages. Alas, we are too small to qualify.
8. Do I need to book online, or can I just call? We are always happy to answer any questions for you. Our online booking is quite simple and secure. And t
ruthfully, we are frequently out on the property working and not near a computer.  You'd hate to miss out on your favorite unit waiting for a return call.  So we suggest trying online first if you can.
Image may be subject to copyright